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The Keys to Success in a Multicultural World

Do any of the following apply to your business:

  • Is a portion of your workforce multi-ethnic?
  • Do you interact with suppliers or customers overseas?
  • Are you partnering with foreign nationals in the USA or with
    foreign-based companies?
  • Have you experienced cultural communication difficulties or misinterpretations? Issues in performance planning, business operations, or strategy implementation?
  • Do you anticipate foreign expansion or relocation?
  • Have you experienced corporate reorganization and workforce displacement through forging a new vision, mergers and acquisitions, growth, or downsizing?
  • Do you communicate with, lead, or manage a foreign-based workforce or team?

CultureConnect will help:

  • Analyze and address business related cross-cultural issues.
  • Develop a framework for diversity and cultural competence.
  • Enhance the performance of your multicultural teams.
  • Identify disconnects and create alignment in current trans-national strategies.
  • Re-conceptualize performance management with a cross-cultural perspective.
  • Gain understanding of how cultural values drive behaviors.
  • Prepare for overseas assignments or repatriation.
  • Conduct country-specific briefings on business and social etiquette, entertainment, meetings and negotiations.

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  Cross Cultural Competence Process: Awareness Building -> Skills Assessment -> Development Planning -> Strategy Planning

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